PLCB Resumes Expanded E-Commerce Sales at 

Having expanded the online product catalog back to about 6,000 items, resumed online Special Order sales and eliminated the six-bottle order limit, has returned to expanded e-commerce sales.

At the start of the COVID-19 public health crisis in mid-March, the PLCB closed its e-comm fulfillment center in Montgomery County due to the impact of the outbreak in that county. On Wednesday, April 1, e-comm sales resumed with limitations to order sizes, the products available and order fulfillment. To better serve unprecedented demand for online sales, the PLCB converted licensee service centers, Premium Collection stores, and other locations into temporary e-comm fulfillment centers. At its peak, more than 9,000 e-comm orders were taken daily and processed through more than 125 fulfillment locations.

Through June 22, 2020, fiscal year sales from total $26.3 million for 1.4 million units, a 428% increase in dollar sales and 839% increase in unit sales over the prior year’s e-comm sales of $5 million and 135,715 units.