Self-Doubt No. 10

As Millennials, self-doubt can be the ultimate sabotage to ourselves and leads us then to procrastinating, criticizing ourselves, and fear behind not taking chances we should. 

It also leads to comparing ourselves to others (which we just #MillenniYelled about last week) ending in frustration and tears. We all do it – whether due to comparing, fear, low self-esteem, or other reasons. 

 Our parents always told us we are SPECIAL and can do anything and everything we set our minds on. As we got older, our views of ‘success’ and ‘making it’ start to change (with responsibilities and #adulting) and we realize the world doesn’t owe us anything even if we do our best. 

 Billy and Mel are #MillenniYelling about the thought that learning to TRUST OURSELVES is a better solution than trying to completely rid self-doubt (which is human nature) and refocus our mindsets away from self-doubt, and how it can still be a great catalyst for change by learning how to focus on that doubt.