Speed Camera Dangers- Opinion

UK Analysis Identifies Speed Camera Danger. Telematics firm reports that panic braking increases up to eleven-fold within 50 yards of a speed camera in the UK.

The most dangerous place to be on a British road is near a speed camera, according to a new analysis of vehicle telemetry data. http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/48/4820.asp

More evidence that speed cameras are not for safety, only for money. Do you want the Legislature to make Pennsylvania’s roads more dangerous by authorizing speed cameras?

The most dangerous place to be on a Pennsylvania road will be near a speed camera. The Legislature is desperate to take safe drivers’ money, frantically trying to enact Speed Trap Bill SB 172, authorizing speed cameras.

Tell your Senator and Representative that you want them to VOTE NO on SB 172. Remind them that this IS an election year.

By Tom McCarey Member, Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Motorists Association