State Inspector General Charges 41 with Public Assistance Fraud in January 2024  

The Office of State Inspector General filed public assistance fraud charges against 41 individuals during January 2024. The restitution owed to the Commonwealth in these cases totals $ 202,973. Additional cost savings will be realized as the defendants will be temporarily disqualified from receiving public benefits in the programs they allegedly defrauded.

“Preserving public trust in Pennsylvania’s assistance programs is paramount,” stated State Inspector General Lucas M. Miller. “By holding individuals accountable for fraudulent activities, we uphold the integrity of our assistance systems and maintain the public’s confidence in their effectiveness.”

OSIG investigates and prosecutes public assistance fraud and conducts collection activities for the public benefits programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS).

During January 2024, OSIG filed felony charges of fraudulently receiving public assistance against a total of 40 individuals and misdemeanor charges against one separate individual. It is alleged that these individuals misrepresented their household circumstances and fraudulently received taxpayer-funded public benefits to which they were not entitled.

If convicted, the maximum penalty defendants face for public assistance fraud is seven years in prison and a fine of $15,000. In the case of SNAP, Cash Assistance, or Subsidized Day Care fraud, defendants also face a mandatory disqualification period from the benefits program they allegedly defrauded.