State Lawmaker Called on to Resign After Sexual Harassment Allegations

The Pennsylvania House Republican Leadership team called on Democratic Rep. Mike Zabel to resign after sexual harassment allegations.

Andi Perez, a lobbyist for the Service Employees International Union, issued a statement saying she was sexually harassed by Rep. Zabel of Delaware County.  Perez said he had caressed her leg while they were discussing legislation outside the Capitol in 2019 and he did not stop when she moved away from him.

GOP House Leadership calling on Zabel to resign and issued this statement:

“In 2018, our colleagues on the other side of the aisle said, ‘Anyone accused of a credible violation like this should resign their position.’ Now that a member of their caucus has been credibly accused of multiple and serious incidents of sexual harassment, it would be our hope that Democrats would join us in calling on Rep. Zabel to resign.

“Unfortunately, recent news reports and additional accusations have made it clear that generations of House Democratic leadership have known of Rep. Zabel’s actions but chose to ignore and cover up his behavior instead of taking action to protect the women in this Capitol.

“The fact that a serial predator was knowingly allowed to harass other women within the halls of this Capitol and elsewhere is shameful behavior.”