State Senator Jake Corman Launches Campaign For Governor

Promising to fight to put people first and improve the lives of families, Republican Pennsylvania State Senator Jake Corman launched his campaign to become Pennsylvania’s 48th governor from his hometown of Bellefonte.

Currently president pro tempore of the state Senate, he pledged to protect the personal freedoms of Pennsylvanians while improving the commonwealth’s educational opportunities, creating jobs and ensuring our communities are safe.

“I will fight for the freedoms of Pennsylvanians every day,” Corman said. “We are not a society that accepts being told to stay home and let government figure it out. Pennsylvania is a can-do society. Let us know what the challenges are, and we will meet them head on.”

Corman says job creation, education and supporting law enforcement will be his top priorities. Corman also believes it’s time for Pennsylvanians to take back their personal freedoms.

“I believe we can take on and defeat this pandemic and not infringe on our individual freedoms,” he said. “I believe we can protect our environment and the beauty of Pennsylvania and still have a thriving energy economy that provides family-sustaining jobs for our communities. I believe we can have a first-class public school system and empower parents to find the best environment for their children to succeed. I believe we can support our heroes in law enforcement and deal with social concerns surrounding our communities.”

“I believe in the greatness of Pennsylvania. And I’m ready to fight for it. It’s time to unleash Pennsylvanians so we can achieve the promise of our great commonwealth.”