Store sells Cannabis Oil Products opens in Central Pennsylvania

By Flora Posteraro

Migraines.  PTSD. Anxiety. Joint Pain.  Michael Reisinger of CBD American Shaman says his products can help.  Reisinger and his 2 partners recently opened the store at 404 East High Street in Carlisle.  The products–from lotions to serums and ointments -candy to cookies all contain high amounts of CBD.  CBD or Cannabis Oil (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in Industrial Hemp. “CBD oil has the potential to help everybody in some way, maybe just differently.  Customers say that it has cleared the clutter in their mind or even helped with sore back pain”, said Reisinger.

Reisinger says some research suggests that CBD is effective and may help relieve many different conditions including inflammation, stiff muscles, chemotherapy side effects, chronic pain, mild to severe anxiety-even seizures.  “The CBD element of the plant, one of the main applications is to fight inflammation. A headache, joint pain, muscle pain, skeletal pain, all of that has some varying basis of inflammation. Something is inflamed that’s making 2 things rub together that shouldn’t or it’s inflamed and it’s cutting off blood circulation.  CBD oil may help reduce that inflammation.  For those suffering from seizures, partly due to swelling in the brain, CBD oil has been shown to help to reduce the swelling and thus, reduce the seizures”, said Reisinger.

Some of the products are topicals and ointments, others are in liquid form that you mix with water and drink.  Yes, this is all perfectly legal.  While the products contain CBD, Reisinger says they contain very little amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana that can make you feel “high”.

Reisinger says some of the products can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect, while others work instantly.  “If your knee is killing you from inflammation, our serum is applied directly to the knee for pain management. The serum is faster acting.  Since it’s oil based, you are going to get instant relief but it’s also going to dissipate faster”, said Reisinger.

The products are considered to be a dietary supplement and are not FDA approved.  The average cost for a product is about $60 and lasts for about a month.

Pennsylvania recently made medical marijuana legal.  There are now dispensaries opening across the state. There’s also legislation pending to make recreational marijuana legal.  Opponents fear legalizing recreational marijuana will lead to more drug use and drug-related crashes.

Reisinger and his partners plan to open a second CBD American Shaman location soon at Windsor Park, 5224 Simpson Ferry Road in Mechanicsburg.  For more information go to