Success Starting Later

Making a career change at any age is hard and the unknown can cause a lot of doubts and fear, but the greatest things in life are on the other side, waiting with success.

Right now, a lot of Millennials are faced with questions we’ve never had to ask ourselves or of our spouses, with many of us without work or are laid off and the closing of businesses (unfortunately some for good) during the COVID-19 shutdown.

We will be experiencing this for another month at the least, some without income or job security. You may find now or at anytime in life that you are forced to change careers or just move away from doing work you dislike toward a satisfying career and the impact can really be a positive one emotionally, mentally, and physically.

As a follow up to Jason Klock’s “Success Starting Young” podcast, we get to hear a different perspective from Dr. Alex Shope of changing careers after 30… and spending his whole 20’s in Medical School to then realize his true passion throughout the match process. Change is scary, but a good thing!