Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Unveils New History Center

Focused on preserving and celebrating the rich and distinguished history of the Court, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania cut the ribbon on its new history center at the Pennsylvania Judicial Center in Harrisburg.

The new center aims to provide an exclusive glimpse into the high Court’s legal legacy and will be offered as an additional tour location within the Capitol complex.

“This is a momentous occasion to celebrate the Court and its history,” Chief Justice Todd said. “This new historical center will now become a space of inspiration and a place where future generations can gain a deeper understanding of the legal heritage and legacy of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”

Visitors to the history center will have the opportunity to see original Supreme Court artifacts dating back to the 1600’s while learning more about the history, work and role of the Court.

“The history center is a monument to our unwavering commitment to preserving our past,” Justice Mundy said. “Within these walls the echoes of landmark decisions will reverberate, the wisdom of our esteemed justices will find new life, and the poignant struggles for justice will resonate for generations to come.”

“Through this new center, we will continue to collect, curate, and share the invaluable records, stories and artifacts that embody the history of our highest court. It will serve as a guardian of the past, an educator of the present and an inspiration for the future.”