“Testing Your Faith” is a hard-hitting, must-see episode for disillusioned Catholics and anyone who demands justice for the child victims of pedophile priests and the church leaders who covered it up.

This episode features special guest Reverend John Trigilio, Ph.D., Director of Faith Formation at Mount Saint Mary’s University Seminary. Rev. Trigilio is responsible for developing the character and caliber of the next generation of clergy during the Church’s most challenging period in modern times.

The PoliChicks ask the tough questions in this honest conversation that exposes the crimes and weaknesses of men who have been entrusted with the well-being of our youth while also seeking a path forward for the faithful.

As life-long Catholics who are first and foremost mothers, Flora and Nell bring fresh authenticity to the conversation and contemplate the future of their faith and place within the Church.

“This scandal is tearing me up inside. I am heartbroken for these children who were sexually abused by priests. Like millions of other Catholics, I am struggling to support an organization that protects pedophiles,” said Posteraro.

“There has been almost a complete absence of mercy and justice by the Catholic Church for children’s lives throughout this horrific series of crimes and cover-ups. As Catholics, we must demand accountability and zero tolerance for predator priests and any maltreatment of children,” Abom noted.

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