Tigrett Leadership Academy Announces 2021 Online Leadership Seminars

Tigrett Leadership Academy announced that registration is now open for its online “Lessons from Lincoln” and “World War II Leadership Series” training seminars. The programs are open to groups and individuals.

The Lincoln program will run on three half days: January 26-28, 2021. The five-part World War II program will run on February 3, 10, 17, 24, and March 3, 2021.

The Lincoln program examines the chaotic world of Civil War politics and Lincoln’s ability to focus people on a common mission. You will see Lincoln in a new light, as a manager of people with giant egos and personal ambitions. His dramatic example should stick with you as you deal with your own workplace personalities.

The World War II series features lessons from Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR, George Marshall, Winston Churchill, and Dwight Eisenhower, covering topics including boosting morale, building workplace relationships, leading through kindness/compassion, the power of words, and character/integrity.

“The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to socially distance, adopt enterprise-wide work-from-home policies, and even completely reimagine the workplace,” says Antigoni Ladd, co-founder and curriculum director at Tigrett. “But the training needs of these organizations have not changed. So, with in-person training remaining off the table for the foreseeable future, we are continuing to move our industry-leading leadership workshops online.”

“Lessons from Lincoln” and the “World War II Leadership Series” feature personalized, two-way, real-time video conversations—including video breakout rooms—that allow Tigrett’s facilitators to achieve in-person results while accommodating participants’ real-world needs to balance work, training, and family.

The positive response to Tigrett’s online format has been overwhelming.

“I am amazed at the depth and breadth of the knowledge that Antigoni has on history,” said one participant in the September online program. “I had not ever considered looking to historic figures or events to find lessons on leadership, but it makes perfect sense, as it’s in these moments that great leaders are born and/or rise to the occasion. While I would have loved to experience the sessions in person, I found the online format offered the flexibility of individual and group work environments, which (being a bean counter) I thrive in.”

Tigrett’s online workshops—conducted over three to five half days, depending on the program—allow participants to accomplish their day-to-day work tasks, address ongoing family and child care challenges, and meet their rigorous training and continuing education requirements. The adapted Tigrett leadership workshops also eliminate participants’ travel time and expense.

For the Lincoln program, the registration fee is $425 per person, $375 per person for groups of five or more.

For the World War II program, the registration fee is $150 per person per class, or $699 per person for the full five-part series.

To secure your place in one or both of these online programs, call Tigrett Leadership Academy at 717-334-9089 or e-mail tiffany@TigrettCorp.com.