TO HONOR 50 YEARS OF SAVING LIVES: Gift of Life Donor Program Launches Campaign to Sign Up 50,000 More Organ Donor Heroes

Gift of Life Donor Program, the vital link between organ donors and patients awaiting transplant, has an urgent call to action: To honor 50 years of saving lives in our community – and save more lives – help us sign up 50,000 more organ donors and bring hope to the thousands of children and adults on the transplant waitlist.

Everyone has the potential to save up to eight lives as an organ donor regardless of age, health, or medical history. And everyone can be an organ donor hero without going to the DMV and putting it on their driver’s license. It is easy and private to sign up any time online at

“The need is urgent. There are 5,000 children and adults on the transplant waitlist in our community – neighbors who are depending on us. Let’s show them we care. Help us register at least 10 people for each person waiting,” said Richard D. Hasz, Jr., MFS, CPTC, President and CEO of Gift of Life Donor Program. “We need everyone to register because organ donation is such a rare gift. Just 1-2 percent of people who die in a hospital are able to donate their organs. Working together, let’s rally our community around our ’50 for 50,000′ campaign and end the transplant waitlist. Sign up to become an organ donor today, share your decision and encourage others.”

Gift of Life’s “50,000 for 50” campaign will be fueled by the energy and dedication of its staff and hospital partners who work around the clock to save lives through organ donation, plus its hundreds of passionate volunteer ambassadors. From social media to grassroots outreach, Gift of Life’s supporters will work to engage all neighborhoods, dispel myths, and inspire more people to sign up to become an organ donor hero.

Media, businesses, community groups, schools and houses of worship are encouraged to embrace the “50,000 for 50” challenge and become leaders in addressing a public health crisis that we all have the ability to impact. Everyone has the potential to benefit from increasing the donor registry and contribute to the overall health, vitality, and productivity of our community.

“The need for more registered organ donors is a public health crisis most people don’t think about until it affects them. With the increase in diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease, any family can suddenly find a loved one in need of an organ transplant to survive,” said Hasz.

Each day, seventeen people in the U.S. die waiting for a transplant. Every 10 minutes, another child or adult is added to the national waitlist, which exceeds 100,000 people.