Transportation Companies Without Current Proof of Insurance Halted by PUC

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission issued a tentative order concerning transportation companies that have failed to maintain evidence of necessary insurance with the PUC. State regulations require evidence of insurance to be always maintained with the Commission to ensure the protection of consumers and the traveling public.

The Commission voted to tentatively cancel the PUC-issued Certificate of Public Convenience for the transportation providers listed in the order unless they file acceptable evidence of insurance within 30 days of this order being published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin – or formally challenge the cancellations within that same 30 day period by filing their objections and comments with the PUC.

The list of more than 50 transportation providers whose PUC operating certificates are being tentatively canceled includes a ride-hailing service, limousine and party bus companies, paratransit providers, household movers and trucking companies that have failed to maintain proof of valid liability insurance and/or cargo insurance.

All the motor carriers included on the list have been sent notices alerting them that they no longer had acceptable evidence of insurance on file with the Commission – and alerting them that their operating certificates had been suspended.  Those transportation providers who do not file acceptable evidence or insurance or timely comments challenging today’s PUC action will have their operating certificates canceled.  The PUC will also direct the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to suspend the carrier’s commercial vehicle registrations.

The tentative order provides instructions for motor carriers and their insurance providers to submit valid proof of insurance to the Commission – and provides a mechanism for other concerned transportation providers to verify the status of their insurance filing, to prevent the possibility of future cancellation actions.