Treasurer Kicks Off Campaign Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Manufacturers and Makers

Treasurer Stacy Garrity announced a new social media campaign, #MadeInPAMondays, to highlight the amazing work being done by manufacturers and makers across Pennsylvania.

The #MadeInPAMondays campaign kicked off on Instagram (@PATreasury) by featuring Military Apparel Company, an Adams County company that sells handmade duffel bags, handbags, scarves, teddy bears, pet leashes and more, all crafted from personal military uniforms.

“Pennsylvania has a rich history of manufacturing that dates back to before the American Revolution, and manufacturers are vital to our economy,” Garrity said. “They give back in so many ways, from producing the goods we need in our daily lives to contributing tens of billions of dollars to our economy. I’m excited to recognize manufacturers and makers of all kinds – from a single person building furniture in a small woodshop to large companies with hundreds of employees – through this social media campaign.”

David N. Taylor, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, applauded the #MadeInPAMondays campaign. “Manufacturing is the engine that drives Pennsylvania’s economy, adding the most value, having the strongest multiplier effect on job creation, and providing the best wages and benefits in the marketplace,” Taylor said. “We are so proud of Treasurer Garrity, who is herself a manufacturer, and salute her campaign to showcase Pennsylvania’s amazing manufacturers and all of the things that are made in the commonwealth.”

“I take great pride in offering high-quality creations handcrafted in Central Pennsylvania for 15 years and counting,” said Eve Baum, owner of Military Apparel Company. “When we encourage our local businesses, we support friends. We can positively influence their lives and can delight at seeing them flourish and expand, knowing we took part in that!”

Military Apparel Company’s mission is to create custom, meaningful bags and accessories crafted from personal military uniforms while giving back to the military and their families by supporting worthy causes like Support Our Troops and Leashes of Valor.

“As a veteran, I know what it means to wear the uniform of the United States military,” Garrity said. “Eve’s business not only allows military families to hold on to a piece of their service, and reflect on their sacrifice, but also contributes to our local economy. It’s businesses like hers that I hope to highlight through this campaign.”

Manufacturing jobs account for 10 percent of Pennsylvania’s employment, and the manufacturing sector generated about $93 billion in economic activity in 2019 – up from $87 billion in 2018, according to the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association.

Pennsylvania’s maker community is large and growing, with makerspaces across the state encouraging creativity in fields as diverse as 3D printing, CNC machines, electronics, jewelry, robotics, textiles and woodworking.