USA Power Lifting Judge and National Competitor Brings “Limitless” Power Lifting Event to Central PA to Benefit Autism Awareness Non-Profit

Red Kilo (Fairview Twp., PA) is hosting a complete powerlifting meet in Central PA for an event open to the public as participants compete against one another to test physical limits.

The event will take place on May 13, 2023, from 9 am to 5 pm. The event is open to approximately fifty powerlifting competitors, including middle school students and adults of all ages. Pre-registration is available to first-time participants as well as experienced powerlifters. The “Limitless” event tests not only a participant’s limiting beliefs which include pushing past physical limits and beating personal records and possibly their peers in the competitive Meet.

Red Kilo ( is owned by Shay Larrisey, a national powerlifting judge and national competitor, passionate about raising awareness for powerlifting for all ages, including the student-athletes he mentors. Shay states, “I enjoy seeing the members light up when they break limits and push themselves to do more than they thought was possible. I look forward to seeing the public spectate this event and learn something new.”

The event benefits the local non-profit, Autism in Classrooms of New Cumberland, PA, which distributes literature in schools to raise awareness for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

More information about the event, including registration and sponsorship, can be found at