Want to Chat with the Governor? Text Him!

The Governor’s Office has launched a new resource to text directly with the people of Pennsylvania, provide first-hand updates and hear from Pennsylvanians about issues impacting them and their families. The two-way communication system is made possible through Community, an SMS engagement platform that connects elected officials, businesses, public figures, and sports teams to their audiences through unique 10-digit phone numbers.

Governor Shapiro’s Office unveiled the phone number on social media, encouraging Pennsylvanians to contact him at 717-788-8990.

“Whether I’m visiting small businesses in Scranton, making a major announcement in Erie, or coming to your area to meet with you and your neighbors – I want to share it with you directly,” said Governor Josh Shapiro. “To best serve the people of Pennsylvania, we have to meet people where they are – and do it effectively and efficiently. No matter how you choose to access government, you need to know you’re going to get help, whether you’re walking into a building or sending me a text. More importantly, I want to hear what you think, what my Administration and I can help with, and your stories. Shoot us a text at 717-788-8990 to sign up.”

Through the Community platform, text messages will be delivered directly to subscribers without relying on an algorithm and without selling user data.