Wine Not Divorcing the Stigma of Divorce No 2

SSHHH – Don’t talk about it – Divorce. The dirty word we can’t say. Shhh – the failed marriage and stigmas that come along with Millennials marriages not panning out to be what we thought, hoped, or expected.

While many Millennials are waiting later to get married and concentrating on careers and finding their person, some ARE going through or have been Divorced. There are many reasons marriage does not last, and after different time frames.

Mel got divorced 4 years ago, and recently her friend Sam did too, and they are here to #MillenniYell to say that’s it is OK!

  • OK to acknowledge that our marriages weren’t (or aren’t) working. OK to admit maybe you weren’t ready.
  • OK to face our fears to start the conversation.
  • OK to be alone and wait until we are in a better place to date.
  • OK to start searching for love again when we are ready.

We all WILL come out of this OK and the courage and bravery that it takes to recognize and move forward will make and shape us into better people.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here, like many others for comfort, motivation, and care. Grab your wine and let’s YELL together.